Preparing assets

Guidelines how to prepare assets for a new NFT collection

The NFT Collections Generator takes layers with images and combines them into a collection. However you need to prepare assets in a specific way.

Note that all source images are held inside NFT Collections Generator document file. So, after the import, you can remove the source files.

Initial import structure

When you are creating a new document with wizard, you can import the whole directory structure and create layers in a single step. The required directories structure is as following.

  • Under root folder, all subfolders are taken as potential layers with images.

  • All subfolder must contain images. When any subfolder is empty, no layer is created.

For example, in the following image, you can see two folders - BG and Design that will become layers BG and Design. Images from each folder will be imported to respecitve layers.

Importing single folder

You can import a single folder by clicking on Add button in the sidebar's toolbar and selecting Import Folder item. Then select the folder you want to import and run the import.

Importing images into existing layer

When you have a layer with or without any image, you can drag and drop individual files into layer's content area.

Asset requirements

NFT Collections Generator can import assets in either JPG or PNG formats. The files must have a correct file suffix - .png, .jpg or .jpeg are accepted.

All files must be of the same size. Having one layer with images exported in a different size is not supported at the moment.

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