Getting started tutorial

In this tutorial, we will create a simple NFT collection.

Create a new collection from source

In the first step, we will create the collection directly from source layers.

At first, let's create a new collection from the new collection wizard. In the wizard, there are several options.

  • Create collection from source images located in folders.

  • Create collection from sample.

  • Quickly open previously saved collections.

Here, we continue with the completely new document. In the next step, we will choose source folder for the collection. The structure of the folder is - you have subfolders as layers. Each subfolder must contain images that belong to the respective layer.

And in the final step of the new document wizard, we will name the collection and set the number of generated images. Note that this can be also customized later.

So, now we have the basic collection. However, when we have a look at the generated images, we can see that something is wrong. That our generated images are just solid rectangles. The problem is that the layers were imported in alphabetical order. So, layer BG representing background was chosen to be the first. We should reorder the layers by dragging them around in the left panel.

Now, you can clearly see that the layers were reordered and are in correct order as in the following screenshot.

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